How often do you find yourself struggling to make a decision?

 What if I were to tell you this indecision was actually the root to much power, love and happiness. That this indecision is a little gift that is trying to send a message, telling you to pause for a moment before moving. In that pause you are able to drop out of the mind, and into the body where you can really understand what decision you need to make. What if I was to tell you, when you make the decision from the body, not from the mind, you are reward by an instant influx of beautiful energy which washes over the entire body. What if I was to tell you, when you start making decisions from the body, life can truly become effortless.

Magical events begin to unfold as you start following your purpose, your true life’s calling. You begin to navigate life, not from the pull of the external world, but from the internal compass which effortlessly guides the way.

The best thing, all of this happens without need to think. Instead you feel.

“What you think, you attract. What you Feel, you become. What you Imagine, You create” Buddha

When we still the mind, and let go of negative emotions which might be trapping us in patterns which don’t serve our best self, we uncover an endless flow of energy. This energy can then be used to create and attract your highest and most audacious dreams in life.

We can live from this place of inner power each day, we just have to make the choice.

The Wake Collective is a growing community of intuitive beings who navigate life from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

We are The Wake Collective

  • We understand our uncertainty is the gateway to our intuition.

  • We are connected to our bodies and our emotions in a healthy way - knowing how to use them to communicate more effectively with others

  • We understand what energises us and what depletes us, and live life based on energy rather than time

  • We listen to others intently, and express only from a place of deep truth

  • We are the masters of our minds, deciding what type of life we want to live and living it

  • We are awake - with a sparkle in our eye

  • We know our unique superpower and how we can harness this to bring us greater satisfaction in work

  • We understand the power of surrender and the value it brings us each day

    We are awake

This is a 7 step Yoga, Meditation & Self Mastery programme which takes you on an inward journey, freeing yourself from your learned beliefs to deliver a new paradigm for life. The programme will guide you to a place of balance Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually, and deliver you a mindset to go about making your visions a reality. 

The process is centred on The Chakra’s, the body’s energy centres, translating their meaning into a modern framework for living - bringing to life a new meaning for your career, relationships, self image, nutrition, creative gifts and future vision. 

The Chakra system for Modern Living

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Mudlahara - The root. The energy which grounds us and depicts how we view and attract wealth.

Svashisthana - The Scaral. The centre of our Shakti, our divine feminine. Defining the energy we put into our self care, our sexual relationships and our emotional care.

Manipura - The Solar Plexus. The centre of our Shiva, our divine masculine. Defining the energy we put into our purpose and careers, and how we go about bringing our ideas into the world.

Anahata - The Heart. The most powerful of all the energy centres, where the upward and downward flows of energy meet to bring love, joy and excitement in all forms. Defined by the love we give to ourselves, to our relationships and selflessly to the world.

Vishudda - The Throat. The centre which transforms our inner world to outward expression. Defining our unique forms of communication and expression to convey our message.

Ajna - The Third eye. The energy centre of seeing and being seen. The point where we hone and develop our intutive skills, living life by our strong inner compass rather than the external pulls of life.

Sahasrara- The Crown. The place where we receive the downward flow of cosmic and creative energy to deliver out light and greatness. Linked to what we choose to devote ourselves to gain insight and knowing from the powers above.

  • what the course includes

Each week you will be immersed into a new way of looking at your world, through the lens of each Chakra and the energy it brings to you. The weekly one on one sessions can take place over Skype and weekly practices will be from the comfort of your own home.

  • Weekly Intuitive Coaching Session and Energy Healing

  • A Weekly Group Yoga Class

  • Guidance to set up your own sacred space at home

  • Chakra Guide & Integration Practices - Updated each week in line with the Chakra

  • Yin & Yang Yoga + Meditation practices - Updated each week in line with the Chakra

  • Weekly Rituals, Affirmations & Playlist

  • A 3 hour Initiation Ceremony taking place on Hampstead Heath

  • Gifts: A book, The Untethered Soul - to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the mind and the concept of letting go. A journal, for processing emotions. Palo Santo Scent, for clearing your space.

How you can sign up

An investment in the Self is the most worthwhile investment you could possibly spend. The financial commitment reflects the contact time, personalisation and results the process delivers.

Programme fee: £550

*To make more manageable, payment can be split into weekly instalments. Payment plans also available if required.