7 week Chakra programme

Finding balance the yin way

Do you constantly feel like you are living your life in the fast lane? Is your job demanding? Is your social schedule unmanageable? Are you always short of time to yourself? Do you reach the end of each day feeling drained of all energy? Do you find you are becoming frazzled by your reliance on technology?

You are not alone. Living & working in a city such as London, is demanding on all levels, with work, with social, with appearances. But most fundamentally it is demanding a heightened level of energy which isn’t sustainable for long term vitality and wellbeing. If we continue to spend more energy than what we renew, we will only reach burnout - sooner than we might expect.

It doesn’t have to be that way; and the good news is you don’t need to to reach burnout or break out of a job or relationship to learn this wisdom. You simply need can make an active choice to reclaim back your energy and time for you. When you start to introduce balance into each day, through Yoga & Meditation, you will being to experience profound shifts to your wellbeing in each moment of each day.

This seven week Yoga & Meditation programme will bring you into balance Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Energetically. Blending wisdom and practices from Indian Philosophy, Daoism, Kundalini, Ashtanga & Yin Yoga practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer a holistic approach to bringing you into balance and awakening

The benefits you’ll receive…

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A Quieter Mind

Mindfulness is the number on essence to living a fulfilled life. A tool which needn’t be separated from life itself.

Meditation, Sound and Breathwork practices are used & Mindfulness tools shared to bring the mind to a single point of stillness. Each session will offer a deeper meditative practice, allowing you to experience the profound benefits of a still mind, generating a new habit for you to take off of the mat and spread throughout your day.


A dynamic body

The programme will be bespoke to your body and the physical goal you would like to attain by the end of the 7 weeks.

The practice itself blends yoga practices of Yin, Qigong, Kundalini and Ashtanga - which in intertwined to fit your body, removing areas of tightness and replacing with openness and flexibility.

Over the seven weeks, we work to unblock and shift energy upwards to the mind. Each week focusses on a Chakra, starting with the root (For grounding), and ending with Crown (For higher connection), and will leave you feeling empowered and connected to your body.


An endless flow of energy

During the first session we will explore and identify where you may be feeling lesser energy in certain areas of your day / week. Looking at your nutrition and lifestyle to understand what might be contributing to energetic blockages.

You will be created a bespoke lifestyle plan for integration off of the mat and in your everyday - focussed on nutrition, self care, technology management, morning & evening routines.

This plan is integral to you establishing balance in each day and feeling the energetic shifts.

This programme is for you if…

  • You have a growth mindset - Ask yourself - Do you really want to take a step to seeing significant growth and shifts energetically in your life? Making an investment in you is one of the most valuable investments, but you must only do it if you wholeheartedly want to grow and believe it can make a difference

  • You have a desire to take charge of your mind - Ask yourself - Do I ever feel low self esteem, indecision or overwhelm to the point its impacting the quality of my life? Over the seven weeks you will learn to become the master, as opposed to the servant of your mind - Once you become the master, anything is possible.

  • You’re curios and willing to explore the depths of your being - Ask yourself: In how many scenarios do I feel I have permission to be my most authentic and true self? The programme gives you permission to let down the layers and explore your truest version. To do so, you must be open to receiving, exploring and growing on and off the mat.

  • You’re looking to claim back time for you - Ask yourself: How often do you find yourself telling people how busy you are, but not doing anything about it? Carving out time for you, for stillness and for restoration is the first step to reclaiming your time back for you.

  • The belief that anything is possible - Ask yourself - How often do you get lost in imagining how your life could be? At the end of the course, you will have created enough space in your mind to really start rewiring it in a way which gets your closer towards your most audacious life goals, your dreams

what the course includes

  • Identification session to explore the body and understand area of life where feeling most blocked

  • Seven 1 hour immersive one-on-one sessions - taking place at your home, my studio or online (see below price differences) - programme is bespoke to you and your specific body, mind and energetic need.

  • Guidance to set up your own sacred space at home for practice

  • A Weekly session sheet including - Chakra Philosophy, Sound Playlist & Mindfulness practices

  • A Weekly Yoga & Mindfulness practice - For you to continue your practice at home

  • A Weekly life integration practices - to integrate your yoga off the mat

  • Morning & Evening rituals

  • A book, The Untethered Soul - to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the mind and the concpt of letting go

How you can sign up

An investment in the Self is the most worthwhile investment you could possibly spend. The financial commitment reflects the contact time, personalisation and results the programme delivers.

£550 one on one / £350 Group/ £250 online

Classes take place in person, weekly for the duration of the course - this is desired to feel the optimum effects of the practice. Once agreed location and date upfront, this is set for the duration to keep consistency and commitment of practice.

Weekdays & weekends are both available. If you travel for work, sessions can also be run over Skype to maintain consistency of practice.

The possible locations are:

  • My home in North East London (No extra cost)

  • Your home (No extra cost if travel time within than 30 minutes)

  • My studio space, 42 Acres in East London (Additional £15 per session)

  • A convenient studio space - close to your home or work (Price on application)

*To make more manageable, payment can be split into weekly instalments. Payment plans & sliding scale also available to make more affordable.