Can we ever be truly certain on life?

Has anyone ever told you something about yourself which has lingered in your mind, for months, perhaps years? A phrase or passing comment which you’ve been unable to forget, and has structured a lot of your thought processes thereafter. 

I have been haunted by a few words for the past two years. During a break-up with a boyfriend, he closed the time by telling me ‘it would be my uncertainty on life which would be my demise’. 

I’ve been plagued ever since.

From as long as I can remember, I’ve been indecisive. From a minute level of ordering a drink to a higher realm of certainty on life - on jobs, friendships, relationships, homes. I’ve always questioned, but felt the ‘odd’ one for doing so, which saw me settle in Jobs and relationships and also allow friends to make decisions for me in avoidance of being uncertain and all it entails. I quite literally renounced myself, my wants and needs, and swam in the flow of others for pretty much my whole twenties to avoid showing up as uncertain. 

This aversion coping strategy soon became a subconscious habit, so deeply engrained that it was almost 10 years before I woke up one morning and realised I was living a life which wasn’t my own. I had the house, the fiancee, the consulting job, the friends - but I was dead in side as I guided myself so off path from my intuition. 

It was at this point this I developed the courage and trust in the universe to start following my own inner guide. Nothing could be worse than being stuck somewhere you don't feel you should be. I quit my job, left my relationship and let go of my home all within the space of three months. It was surrendering to the Universe and my Intuition as a life experiment to see where she would guide me.

She did not fail me once.

I was rewarded with three of the most life changing trip in Mexico. Each time I further embraced my inner guide, I became engulfed with the most beautiful flow of energy, creativity and love which has guided me to where I am today. I have spent the past 24 months journeying and experimenting with Intuition, learning that when we can learn to trust and embrace our own inner guide, we can truly transform our lives.

Here is what I know now. 

Uncertainty is a gift. It’s a sign you are not listening to your intuition and you should sit with the decision for a little while longer. 

The external world is getting fiercer and fiercer in terms of technology, accessibility and choice. If we don’t have a strong inner compass, we will navigate life based on external appearance as opposed to internal feeling. The only way to cut through constant noice of the external world and cultivate a lifelong sense of inner peace and knowing is to navigate the external world based on feeling and nothing more. 

We are all intuitive beings, we are just not bought up knowing how to use our intuition in modern day. We are taught that intelligence supersedes intuition, rational over irrational, which may deliver wealth but it won’t deliver happiness.

We know when we are listening to our intuition when we receive a beautiful flow of energy once we’ve made the decision, or things open up in a different way. Each time you listen to your intuition, the universe quite overtly delivers. 

In order to be intuitive we must have trust in ourselves and the courage to push through our Will. We have to break out of the subconscious paradigms which we’ve spent our lifetimes cultivating - once we can do this, we start moving in the way of the flow of life - and life itself becomes effortless as you move with, as opposed to against this energetic flow.  

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