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I’m Laura Anne, Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher, guiding individuals to find balance in their lives and start taking control over the unruly Mind. It’s my mission to raise awareness on what it means to be Yin, and it’s importance as our world becomes increasingly ‘sped up’. I understand the importance of living not from the mind, but from the body, and the profound shifts in energy it delivers off the mat and into your life when you are willing to let go.

A life story is constantly evolving, which accelerates as the journey inward deepens and greater insight unravelled. Let’s just say I experienced a decade of living life in the fast lane, deeply in the Yang state, which resulted in mental, emotional & physical deterioration - driving me to break free and start again.

This was when I rebuilt my life from a place of Yin. Becoming empowered, awaken and more driven than I ever had been to do life, not from a place of thinking, controlling or intellect, but from a place of feeling, authenticity and intuition - a place of Yin. From this place, I regained a magical & natural flow of yang, which came from a place of authenticity and power, rather than stress and anxiety.

Finding balance is the secret to vitality. Yet so few of us live by this rule.

If only our education system taught us how to navigate our way through life, emotions and feelings.

It’s my aim to fill the dots that our education systems lacks, on how to navigate our way through the highs and lows of life, how to makes sense of our internal world, and how to connect with others based on feeling - not thinking.

If you’re curious to know the details & how I ended up empowering the Yin, either make it along to one of my classes or invite me for tea - there you will experience the most honest & open expression, which just like your own - is far beyond words.

thanks for stopping by. Inspired? Please get in touch.I’d love to hear from you.