Think Less


The mind is an unruly being. How do we tame the untameable?

Technology and growing pressure of modern life mean that we are bombarded with stimuli from the moment we rise to the moment we fall asleep at night. Stimuli which delivers a constant trigger to our stress response, usually unconsciously without us even noticing. We are self built stress machines, and It’s not our fault. Technology has sped up quicker thank our minds evolution, and its seeing mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia at an all time high.

How can we leas a happy life at our full potential when our mind is as cluttered and stressed as it is? 

First, it’s important to learn that we are not the mind. We are the observer of the mind, and we have a choice when it comes to whether we want to listen to the thoughts.

“Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

— Tony Bennett

Meditation is a process of becoming the master, not the slave, to the thoughts. being the observer puts us in the driving seat of our mind.

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The ancient healing practices of Breath and Sound can be used to access a meditative state during the practice. 

Breath is the most vital ingredient to any yoga practice, as it stimulates the energy, chi which delivers long lasting wellbeing. Breath has the power to transform, the power to heal, and the power deliver radiance after just one practice of conscious breathing.

For thousands of years music has been used as a tool to heal and nurture, reaching parts of the brain we are unable to consciously access. Placing emphasis on progressive, ancient soulful sounds stimulates and activates the mind.

Breath and Sound are the elixir to life and the foundation of the Yin practice. 

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