“There is no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside”

Maya Angolou

I begun my life witnessing a series of mental and relationship breakdowns, cultivating a sense of curiosity as I tried to make sense of my world. I became obsessed with relationships and connectivity,  and spent my adolescent years developing  persona’s which could be easily accepted by others. The fear of rejection started to run my life - I became a chameleon in my own skin, and as my social circles grew, my energy for other things diminished. 

These persona's and the fear of rejection begun controlling my life, as I grew further away from my true self without consciously realising. From the outside it appeared I had everything: a beautiful home, wonderful fiancee, many friends and a challenging job. But from the inside I was deeply unhappy, suffering social anxiety, insomnia and an eating disorder.

This is when my journey of introspection and spiritual seeking begun. As I started looking inside for answers, I started to gain clarity on some of my biggest questions. What started off as self-research into Bhuddism, Hinduism and Humanistic Therapy, became a discovery of thr physical practice of yoga. That was when my life shifted. 

Through the expression of yoga, I begun to chip away at the layers, personas, which I’d spent years subconsciously trapping myself within, regaining control over my relationships which previously were controlling me. Each session I’d come out feeling more myself than I’d ever experienced. The transformations were instantaneous and ongoing, and it impacted my life both personally and professionally. 

It was this feeling of liberation which guided me towards my Ashtanga Vinyassa Teacher Training at Sampoorna Yoga in India. Not only did the course provided me with a deeper sense of self-understanding, but also taught me the power of giving back, bringing to the surface the spiritual teacher and healer inside.

Yoga transitioned from helping me personally to allowing me to grow professionally. Each practice created space in my mind and shifted perspective, gaining my most 'A-ha' moments when I was in flow on the mat. The process of letting go enabled me to become more creative than ever before, providing me with the space and clarity in though which fuels my entrepreneurialism. This roots deeply to my belief that yoga can be used as a productivity tool by businesses to drive heightened consciousness, creativity and flow amongst employees. 

Most recently I have spent time working and teaching in Mexico, where I completed a further 50 hours teacher training in Yin & Mandala theory with Jamie & Dulce of The Yoga People. Yin and Mandala forms a core part of my classes, to amplify the meditation and space creation. Being discerning in nature, I endeavour to deepen my knowledge into Spirit and Science at all times; driving my vision to be at the forefront of space creation and human development, which enables me to guide my clients journey of personal and professional transformation. 

As a result of my own powerful journey, I have developed an approach to teaching which engages all senses and involves emotions and feelings, accessing deeper mind states to drive higher levels of creativity, consciousness and flow.  My classes are immersive and transformative experiences, embodying movement, breath, sound, environment, connection and meaning to accentuate the practice and deliver the shifts instantaneously.