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Mynd collective

Unlock the MYNDs infinite potential through creative corporate wellbeing.

Laura spent 9 years working as a brand strategy consultant in the corporate sector, coming to an end following a company restructure in 2017, a loss of purpose and company culture which saw the deterioration of her mental health. During this time there was almost now availability of mental wellbeing offering aside from therapy, driving her to turn to Yoga and meditation outside of the office to establish balance and release. During this time, she begun to unlock an abundance of creativity which she was unable to access in the office. At the time, she recalls wondering whether other people in her office were also sitting on a goldmine of untapped creativity due to the lack of workplace wellbeing.

Turns out she was right. With only 1 in 4 workers believing they are delivering their true creative potential (The Adobe creative report)

In 2018 Laura launched The MYND Collective, a creative workplace wellbeing agency for businesses who understand true growth comes from a clear human MYND.

We are a small but passionate team, currently planning inventive Wellbeing Strategies, Wellbeing Weeks, Leadership retreats and integrated office Wellness schedules.

If you are a business and would like to hear more about MYND COLLECTIVE please book a free discovery call.