Living life The Yin Way


Everywhere we look we see stressed, busy people. And it’s purely a reflection of our own mind.

We are all busy with something. If its not work, its our family or relationship. If its not our relationship, its our social commitments. These dynamics are constantly shifting and increasingly demanding of our energy. No matter what we do, the answer to the the question, how are you, always seems to be ‘Busy’.

Adding technology into the mix makes this businesses even more heightened. We are connected from the moment we rise to the moment we fall. Bombarded with stimuli, messaging and other peoples lives throughout our days - and its having an effect on our mental health. 

Our lives are becoming increasingly sped up, and our minds increasingly congested - and we’re left questioning why we’re feeling so stressed and overwhelmed. 

If we are not replenishing our energy to the same amount in which we are spending it, overtime we will start to experience mental, emotional and physical deterioration, manifesting in either of the below…

  • Burnout - A physical deterioration gained from lack of balance in work/life balance, where our physical fitness and wellbeing is challenged to the point of retreating from life

  • Break-out - A mental deterioration where daily life becomes overwhelming & complex that you feel the only option is to leave, either your job or relationship

  • Break free -  An emotional deterioration where suppressed emotions build up, and drive you to a point where you up-haul all of your life to start again

All of this can be avoided, the a very simple practice of mindfulness + balance. 

Life absolutely needn’t be this way. Life is a magical gift, and each moment is there to be experienced and enjoyed at it’s fullest. To do so, we must start taking control of the mind by creating new habits and rituals The Yin way. 

The key to longlasting vitality is to find balance in the amount of time you Spend (Yang) and Renew (Yin) your energy - each day. This is the vital principle of Yin & Yang. These dynamic forces are constantly shifting, growing and interchanging in importance and demand. Acknowledging this, and living life more ‘in the middle’ , will bring you into balance and allow you to take back control of your life. 

What does it mean to live life The Yin Way?

The Yin Way involves everyday mindfulness and balancing practices, offering an alternate way of living to live more of your life from a place of….

  • Feeling rather than thinking

  • Body rather than mind

  • Stillness rather than movement

  • Renewing rather than spending 

  • Connection rather than separation

  • Surrender rather than control

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