Online courses

Empower you Yin through a series of unique and intimate online courses, allowing you to access Laura’s teachings and guidance from the comfort of your home.

Yin your life

Laura aims to make her teaching, coaching and life philosophy widely accessible to all that feel the pull towards a Yin life. She has spent much love and devotion in creating a triad of online courses which embody the three principles she teaches.


Embrace your inner Yin

We all having varying degrees of Yin within us. Yet far too often its our Yin qualities which gets suppressed or crossed off the schedule in favour for more energy demanding experiences.

Inviting more Yin into your life will see your quality of life transform dramatically. Making space for you each day will not only improve your way of thinking, but also transform your relationships and approach to some of life’s toughest tasks.

In this 21 days provides a toolkit to adopting a more Yin life, starting with a listening and learning journey into to the self. Uncover your own unique form of Yin and learn universal Yin practices to help you create your the Yin lifestyle which will transform all 7 areas of your life.

Course includes:

  • Uncovering your inner Yin

  • Yin theology, philosophy and principles.

  • Yin practices for calming

  • Daily Yin Meditations

  • Morning & Evening Yin rituals

  • Yin Milestones


unlock your radiance

We are all constantly assaulting between high and low energy - dependent on who we are with, where we are and what we are engaging in. As humans, we have a tendency to get trapped in low energy environments or situations depending on our childhood patterns or circumstance. Gradually we become blocked, which prevents our radiance from flowing freely as it could. When we radiate, we are more able to deliver our full potential at all times.

This 21 days course offers a toolkit and guidance to ultimate radiance. Offering a unique framework to balance your energy at the physical, mental and spiritual level. When you start to radiate, you will find you have an endless stream of energy to devote into yourself, your relationships and the things which bring you alive.

Course includes:

  • Understand your unique source of radiance

  • Chakra theology and framework for modern living

  • Yoga practices for unblocking radiance

  • Daily chakra balancing meditation

  • Morning & evening rituals for radiance

  • Intention: Use your radiance to bring what you want into your life


turn your yang into your superpower

We are each striving to find purpose in life and meaning to our life and in our work, as meaning delivers happiness.

Every single one of us has a unique purpose inside burning - however it’s only when we slow down and start listening to ourselves do we find out what that is. You cannot connect the dots looking forward, only looking back. And we can only look back when we turn our attention inward.

When we uncover our purpose, work is no longer work. It’s play.

Laura has developed a framework which helps speed up the process of finding your unique purpose. The toolkit offers a framework for uncovering what drives and motivates you the most, then a plan of action to transform that into your superpower.

Coming soon in 2019!