Science + Spirituality

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. what you imagine you create - Buddha.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy - from the computer you are reading this on to a single grain of sand. Quantum physics has proven that every atom is 99% energy, 1% mass. Meaning our physical body is only 1% of what our energy body gives out to the universe.  This revolutionary finding has bought human centric Spirituality more into the mainstream in recent years, as we continue to learn that the more we care and look after ourselves, the more radiant we become in the physical body but also in our energy field. And the better energy we give out to the universe, the better energy we welcome back into our lives.

The most recent finding in Quantum physics is the Observer effect’ - in that the energy we omit changes depending on where we focus our attention. This is best demonstrated in the Double Slit Experiment. This landmark discovery has made us start to question all we are led to believe, and shifted more light from the scientific to the spiritual worlds. The finding gives greater meaning to intention setting, manifestation and the power of positive thinking - as what you think will change the energy you omit out to the world. Positive reinforcement and changing ways of thinking, in line with meditation could see you attract in the things you have longed for in your life.

Laura has put this into practice in her own life, as well as trained with some top practitioners in the field (Joe Dispenza), brining in this modern approach to her teachings to inspire new ways of thinking in the minds of her students.

Yin Approach to Radiant Living