The Chakra System


the chakra’s

The Chakra’s are much more than just energy centres in the body, they offer a framework for radiant living…

The Chakra system refers to the energetic field of the human body,  as a technique to provide meaning, balance and harmony starting from within. 

There are 7 Chakra’s in total, each linking to a major gland of the human body which omits our energy outwards and delivers our strength and radiance - starting from the base of the spine all the way up to the crown of the head. 

The Chakra system is used heavily throughout the Eastern Yogic Philosophy and Western Shamanic practices, as a means of holistically healing our bodies and transforming our lives. If has even been modernised in western Psychology by Maslow (1943) in the widely applied hierarchy of human needs.

Each chakra is linked to a physical energy centre, or gland, in the body. These energy centres are constantly coming in and out of balance, generally as we experience the events of life. The premise is we are born with a free flow of energy from our root up to our crown, how life experiences, highs and lows mean that we get blockages in this energetic flow - which cause us to fall into the same habitual loops and patterns which cause us our biggest challenges in life. For example, when we fall in love we experience an abundance of energy powered by the heart - we barely need to eat or sleep as the power of love takes over. Yet when the relationship ends we are left lacking in energy and unable to face life. Emotions take over and energy gets trapped.

Emotion is ‘Energy in Motion’. And if this energy get’s trapped for too long, we start to experience physical illness in the areas of the Chakra’s. Once again, heartbreak will likely leave us with stuff per back, heart and lung problems if we don’t successfully let go of the relationship.

Laura has not only healed her body and mind through adopting a Chakra mindset, but also bought new insight to her approach to relationships and work. Becoming aware each day by how she is feeling in each Chakra enables her to re-centre and balance where needed, also how best to play to her strengths depending on where her energy is centred each day.

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