Needing to keep my own creativity flowing, I am regularly involved in early stage start-up incubation, consulting on passion projects or growing out my own businesses. Below is a view of my live projects.

If you feel in any way inspired by any of the below, an investor or simply see synergies in your own way of thinking, I'd love to hear from you.



The Wake Collective

A  revolutionary yoga experience programme for creative businesses.

The WAKE Collective is inspiring a new wave of yoga and individual across the globe- offering tailored programmes which create space in the mind, remove blockages and drive optimum and ongoing flow. 

WAKE your workforce and deliver business growth.

The brand agent bigger.jpg

The Brand Agent

The Brand Agent offers brands and businesses the opportunity to evolve authentically and in line with its roots. 

I understand first hand the difficulty in launching a business or project without the full infrastructure and marketing support to develop brand story and values. Without recognising you are doing business without any real brand value, strategy or meaning.

Taking a holistic approach, I work with you to get to the roots of your brand, developing it's core essence and values which can then be communicated clearly and effectively. 

LIFE + YOU Consultants

Life + You brings a unique philosophy and framework to businesses looking to establish or evolve their employee Health & Well-Being Strategy - putting the individual at the heart. 

Life + You pulls upon powerful theories & research in the light of the modern day truth and pressures of work.  We focus on the physiological, social and environmental aspects of a workplace, delivering equilibrium and harmony - whilst maintaining business growth.

S P A C E.png

Space Retreats

Where the Spirit, Science and Culture unite in a fully immersive retreat - shifting mindset and opening consciousness.

S P A C E luxury retreats are a powerful blend of activity, learning, relaxation, discussion and food to offer a unique and mind altering experience - aimed at removing blockages and increasing levels of consciousness.

By invitation only.

First retreat taking place in Morroco Summer 2018. 



iDiscover provides programs of cutting edge life development - at the frontier of personal development, it offers a unique curriculum that leads to self‑discovery and self‑mastery. It helps individuals, teams and organisations make the most of their personal and professional potential. Our methodologies help to increase emotional intelligence and self awareness in a practical way, as well as develop strategy for conflict resolution and crisis management.

As their courses grow in popularity as do the means and channels in which they communicate with new and prospective students - I am currently helping iDiscover in building their content strategy ensuring continuity and brand consistency in their growth.