The Soft Power of Yin

The power of yin


A shift is taking place. No longer is bigger, better, faster the way to win power. We are pushing back on the archaic paradigms which we are taught through our education systems. We are choosing connection over separation. Emotion over cognition. Body over mind. Stillness over movement. 

No longer does knowledge and intellect mean power. A new sense of softness is surfacing, and its power is indestructible. An innate power we all have within - its just gotten a little bogged down along the way. 

The power of Yin

  • We are intuitive

  • We are connected to our bodies and our emotions in a healthy way - knowing how to use them to communicate more effectively with others

  • We understand what energises us and what depletes us, and live life based on energy rather than time

  • We listen to others intently, and express only from a place of deep truth

  • We are the masters of our minds, deciding what type of life we want to live and living it

  • We are modern day spiritualists with a sparkle in our eye and magic in our pocket

  • We know our unique superpower and how we can harness this to bring us greater satisfaction in work

  • We understand the power of surrender and the magic it brings us each day

  • We are connected to nature and the rhythms of life