Training overview

Laura has been fascinated by human behaviour and potential for as long as she can remember, reading personal growth, psychology & philosophy books from the age of 12. The one thing which most caught her attention during her Management Science degree was Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: little did she know this was the early signs of her path into the Chakra’s.


Yoga & Meditation

Over the years Laura has trained with some of the top yoga practitioners, in both Eastern and Western schools. Laura has acquired 400 hours of teachers trainings and totalled 100 hours of teaching to date. She continue’s to invest in her own knowledge and development to reflect the high quality teaching she delivers:

  • 200 Hours in Ashtanga + Vinyasa - Sudhir Rishi, Sampoorna Yoga School, Goa India

  • 50 Hours in Mandala & Chakra Theory - Jamie Clarke & Dulce Adugir The Yoga People, Mexico

  • 50 Hours in Yin - Jamie Clarke & Dulce Adugir The Yoga People, Mexico

  • 100 Hours Vipassana Meditation - Goenka School of Meditation

  • Reiki Level 1 - Grace Brown & Danielle Gallaway

  • Rite of the Womb, Shamanic offering - Chloe Isadora

  • Yin & Chakra Theory, Online course - Paul Grilley

  • Wim Hoff Breathing techniques - Wim Hoff

  • Breakthrough Meditation - Joe Dispenza

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - Sam Ma


Coaching & Consulting

Laura has also had a number of qualifications in coaching and consulting following her interest into human behaviour and self development.

  • iDiscover Core I & II, London - Gal Stiglitz

  • School of Life Annual conference - Alan Zurich

  • Practical Philosophy - London school of Economic Science

  • Design thinking and Agile development - Aimia Innovation Hub

  • Trusted Advisor Training - Paul Richardson

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