Laura is the creator of NADAYA, a meditation community for human connection. Nadaya experiences invite connection between innovators and forward thinkers - birthing new ideas and sparking new relationships.

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NADAYA: The Way to The Heart
4:00 PM16:00

NADAYA: The Way to The Heart

Journey inwards and explore the pure depth of your Heart this Sacred Bank Holiday. When we can access the highest vibrations of the heart, we are more open to recieving and connecting with others as our vibrational frequency shifts to one of love.

Nadaya presents: The Journey To The Heart. A Two hour immersive workshop with Cacao, Breathwork, Yin Yoga and Sound, guided by Laura Anne Chappell. The event will embody connection in all interpritations of the word.

Cacao is an indiginous plant which connects us to our hearts and will be used to set our intentions and drop into the space.

Breath - Prana - is a technique for bringing a hieghtened state of awareness by dropping us out of the mind and into the body.

Yin Yoga is a meditative and restorive form of yoga, where we hold the poses for up to 7 minutes to allow for a deeper body connection.

Sound is the essence of truth, and will be used throughout to guide the journey inwards to the hearts hightest vibrations.

Expect to leave feeling light, open and full of love to share.

Love xxx

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Nadaya: Experience connection. A Sound & Sense Exploration
7:00 PM19:00

Nadaya: Experience connection. A Sound & Sense Exploration


As Londoners, we live a life in the fast lane. People everywhere we turn. Technology making us accessible at all times. Yet the reality is we are more disconnected and lonely than ever before. Stress builds, technology overrides and we refine our worlds to the online.

Our response is to withhold, turning inwards for protection. Residing in the sanctuaries of our homes, forging relationships with keyboards instead of people. We are becoming a disconnected, seperate beings unable to find the depth of conversation we long for.

Connectivity is the backbone to vitality, the birthplace of Creativity, and the essence of Love. Yet far too often its left unaddressed when we consider out physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We regularly show up to a ‘yoga’ not giving a single person a glance in the eye, allowing the anxiety to creep back in the second we leave.

The goal of Yoga is connection. Reaching a higher state of awareness by connecting the mind to the body, the movement to the breath and ourselves to each other.

Nadaya is a community of truth seekers built upon a shared value of human connection. When humans connect, new relationships form and exciting ideas are birthed. And this is what really makes the world a better place.


We gather first to connect to each other. We will meet at a very special and secret location first to get to know one another and form new bonds.

Then through an immersive journey we will connect with the self. Engaging all the senses, through movement, sound, breath, taste and touch. The whole practice takes place in candlelight, and each month we collabourate with a sound specialist to lead the journey inwards with sound.

Once we have accessed and explored our own inner world, we are in an open space to connect to one another. Bodies are bought together to deepen the practice and unite energies, deepeinging the meditation and exchange.

The evening ends with the the offer to stay connected - to simply be in the presence of others - and if it calls, to continue the outward connection and explore new possibilities.


The Nadaya community gather together in sacred spaces accross London. Space which has a deeper essence and story behind simply a venue. Space where the vibrations are already strong, adding to the Meditation experience.

The February event will be held at a very special secret venue in East London - details will be shared nearer the time.

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Nadaya: Experience connection
7:30 PM19:30

Nadaya: Experience connection

Be awoken at the cellular level in a transformational Yin & Sound journey through The Chakra’s - a unique collaboration between Laura Anne Chappell and Slavomir Latko.

The second in the Nadaya series, offering Meditation as a means of connection. Bringing together likeminded people with the shared value of growth - connecting with each other and with the self. This time we will be amplifying the experience with ancient healing of sound throughout the journey - as Laura and Slavomir collabourate for the first time. 

Expect a multi sensory sound, opening and meditative journey. Laura will guide you through an intention setting and cacao ceremony, followed by breath work to soften you into a deep space of calm and relaxation . You will then be guided through 7 Yin postures for opening, balancing & restoring each Chakra, connecting you to the body and spirit. Once in the posture, Slavo will tune into each Chakra frequency with his sound - sending vibrations to the areas which require the healing. Expect to be in the posture and sound experience for up to 7 minutes. The practice will be closed with a 360 degrees sound healing experience in savasana.

The event will be held by candlelight in the inspirational space, 42 Acres Shoreditch, and will be followed with time for music & connection.

Laura is one of London's modern Meditation teachers, sharing her Yin philosophy in inspiration spaces and experiences throughout London. Yin is a practice of yoga rooted in Taoism, offering a way to nourish and restore the body whilst finding stillness in the mind. Postures are focussed on opening the main passageways of the body - the Meridians. The Meridian's are what channel our 'Chi', our energy, which gives us our vitality and radiance. Laura's teachings focus heavily on The Chakra system, bringing awareness to each centre to find balance + harmony in everyday life.

Slavomir is a certified Cellular Resonance Therapist working with sound and other methods to access the macro and cellular level. Slavomir's musical instruments and therapeutic tools used are designed to produce a series of harmonic vibrations that penetrate deeply into all of your organs, tissues and bones. During this workshop, your nervous and endocrine system will rebalance, as well as more subtle aspects of your being, where many unloving patterns reside. This holistic healing journey is an excellent opportunity to naturally release old tensions and rejuvenate your body and mind while restoring the radiant joy of being whole again.

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