Yin approach to radiant living

welcome more radiance into your life

Laura has spent years absorbed in Eastern philosophy and experimenting with her own energy, and has continued to land back on the same message: You must put YOU at the focus of your life.

When you do start putting YOU at the centre, the energy you omit out into the world changes. You begin to radiate, not just from the outside, but from within. When you are radiating from within, your whole worlds starts to magically unfold in a way you might’ve only dreamt of.

All my work is focussed around unlocking the radiance at the 7 energy centres in the body: The Chakras. Having spent years experimenting and exploring with my own radiance, I now feel confident in sharing my guidance with others. My aim is to guide you to unlock your radiance at each stage, through a series physical, mental and emotional practices.

All work starts with the body - bringing conscious attention to the physical gaining understanding on where your radiance may be laying trapped in the body. Once we start to work to un trap this energy, we then engage practices of attention to the area of life where you might be experiencing difficulty.

Through removing blockages in the body, we let go of the fears which might be holding us back for living at our full potential. When we radiate we become empowered to those seemingly tough life decisions.

Radiant living focuses on unlocking your energy at each of the 7 energy centres. As you put the principles into practice you will start to notice transformation in the 7 most crucial areas of life.


Root Chakra: Wealth & Success

Do you define your wealth or does your wealth define you? Wealth is not something money can buy, it is a mindset which we can adopt at any point during our life. You can be the wealthiest man in the world and feel poor. Likewise, you can be the poorest man in the world and feel wealthy.

Work on the root chakra helps you embrace wealth independently of any material possessions. When you can adopt a wealth mindset, your radiance changes and your wealth begins to love you back.

Sacrel Chakra: Sex & Intimacy

Most of us feel unfulfilled sexually and intimately. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Sex is our birthright and the gateway to new life creation.

For us to find true intimacy, we must first learn how to be vulnerable. Throughout our lives we are led to believe that emotion is a sign of weakness. This is what leads us to unfulfilled sex lives and loss of intimacy we crave. We must first learn how to be deeply intimate with ourself, each version of us which is hiding within.

Expressing emotion authentically is a sign of power and true beauty. When we teach ourselves to be vulnerable and open with others, we invite deeper connections, intimacy and sense of belonging into our lives. Intimacy is what gives us our radiance in this Chakra.



Chakra 3: Career & Purpose

What do you wish to deliver to the world? For some, finding purpose and meaning in life comes effortlessly. For the majority, this can take a lifetime. As the choice in our career possibilities and way of living grows, our ability to establish our true purpose becomes more and more complex.

When we do find our purpose, work no longer becomes work, it becomes play. We become so engrossed in what we are doing time and space transcend. We reach flow. And flow delivers the radiance we need in this Chakra.


Heart Chakra: Love & Relationships

What type of love do you wish to receive in your life? Relationships with others are one of the most complex areas of life, and the energy centre which generally controls most of our radiance. When we are in love, we glow from within. We don’t need to eat, we require less sleep, the energy of love gives us an immense strength to conquer the world. But at some stage it goes wrong, and we feel physically, mentally and emotionally broken.

Igniting radiance in this Chakra takes place independently of any other person. It starts with falling madly deeply in love with yourself. Just the way you are, not who you want to be. When you do that, you start receiving back the love and relationships you deserve.


Throat Chakra: Communication & Language

How effectively do you wish to communicate with the world? Once we have done the work in the lower chakras, focussing inward, the throat is the centre where we start articulating and communicating ourselves externally. This may come through words, gestures & body language.

When we are balanced in the throat Chakra, we acknowledge effective communication is a balance of speaking & listening, making each interaction and interaction of value and an opportunity for growth. This energy gives us our sparkle in our eye.

Mind Chakra: Intellect & Intuition

What knowledge stimulates you? What is your area of expertise? With the ability to access any source of knowledge whenever we want it, the internet presents us with great complexities, but also many opportunities. We can spend a lifetime allowing the whole of life absorb our attention, or we can choose what stimulates us the most and focus our attention solely on that area.

When you do, you start making your mind your biggest asset. You start listening to your intuition more often, which guides you to places beyond imagination.


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Crown Chakra: Spiritual Growth

The world is growing exponentially, as are walls we put between cultures, countries and lives. One of the biggest drivers dissatisfaction and loss of purpose comes as a consequence of the growing separation and division in the world.

Over the years orthodox religions, such as Christianity, have declined in popularity as our power and choice has increased. Leaving us to establish our own means of guidance, which usually we only establish later in life.

In order to live a purposeful life, we must feel connected. To ourselves, to the world and to others in our lives.

Worship no longer needs to come in the form of worshiping to a higher power or a god. Simply choosing a quality of yourself to worship, and devoting your life to that will deliver you optimum Spiritual Growth opportunity,