The Yin Way Philosophy

“A teacher is never a giver of truth – he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst”

-Bruce Lee


The Yin Way philosophy is based on 3 simple ingredients: Movement, Music and Knowledge. These three components work together succinctly to drive you discover a deep inward and outward connection.

Each class begins with seven minutes of a breathing exercise (Pranayama) followed by seven minutes of dynamic movement to awaken the body and stagnant Chi.
This is followed by series of Yin postures, curated specifically around the Chakra and Meridian system.

Classes end with a Nidra meditation, a very simple yet powerful technique to calm the mind and take you to a deeper level of relaxation and calm.

The physical side of The Yin Way experience is made complete with two core ingredients: The Music and The Knowledge.

For thousands of years music has been used as a tool to heal and nurture, reaching parts of the brain we are unable to consciously access. The Yin Way philosophy places emphasis on progressive, soulful and emotional sounds acting as a tool for focus and healing.

Holding the postures for several minutes gives time for reflection, allowing spiritual and eastern philosophy to be shared for inward contemplation. Each practice is centred round an Eastern philosophical message, translated simply in modern language which works to unblock thinking and evoke positive change.

The Yin Way is perfect for complimenting any regular cardiovascular practice.

Through classes, events and retreats, Laura’s aim is to create immersive environments and experiences which hold space for openness and vulnerability, and to bring together link minded individuals.

The Chi